Here’s some more pics. of the snow at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo where the Bills play. There is a weather observer nearby that measured 77″ from this lake-effect snow event (this may not be a final total). If that holds, it may be a New York State record snowfall.

The Bills home game with the Cleveland Browns was moved to Detroit (Ford Field). The Bills won that game 31-23.

Fortunately (I guess), the Bills don’t have to play again at HIghmark Stadium for 3 weeks. The game in Detroit was a home game for the Bills. Next, they come back to Detroit for a Thanksgiving Day game with the Lions (which could actually be a good game – hoping my writing this won’t jinx the LIons, who have now won 3 games in a row!). After that, they play the Patriots on December 1. The next home game is a rivalry game with the NY Jets on Dec. 11.

A much milder pattern is on the way for the rest of the week and all this snow will gradually melt. The GFSX model gives Buffalo high temperatures the 7 days of 39, 42, 44, 47, 50, 48, 48. I don’t know that the model has correctly factored in the amount of snow on the ground, but the overall trend is much warmer. Dry weather is expected from now through Thursday, with rain showers likely next Friday/Saturday

So, the Bills can just wait for this snow to melt…or (and this is more likely) they’ll leave the snow in the stands, but clear the field so they can attend to the turf and clear a place for the team to practice.

It was a historic lake-effect snowfall for the Great Lakes, with the heaviest snow of all falling here at Orchard Park NY.