Well, the longest DAYLIGHT of my life. I got up Monday at 5:30 am and drove to the G.R. Airport. I saw the sun come up at 6:20 am in Grand Rapids. Then we flew to Dallas (where the temp. reached 109 deg. in the afternoon), then to Seattle and then to Juneau AK – arriving around 7:30 pm. The top pic. was the first view I saw getting out of the plane…very pretty.

Sunset here in Juneau was at 9:46 pm local time Monday – and that’s four hours behind Grand Rapids (EDT) time. So, sunset in Juneau was at 1:46 am EDT. I’ve been up the whole time and it was pretty much sunny (plains fly well above the low cloud deck that covered Seattle and Juneau) all day, So, I experienced 19 hours and 36 miles of daylight. That’s the most of any day of my life.

Also, Juneau has a long civil twilight (an hour after sunset and before sunrise) here in late July…then nautical twilight the rest of the night (4 hours and 35 minutes). They don’t have any astronomical twilight or “night”.

It’s close to midnight now and it looks pitch black to me, despite being in nautical twilight There’s a steady rain falling and a bit of light fog.

The top pic. is the first view I saw getting off the plane…pretty spectacular. There were pockets of low clouds moving around the mountains and some snow on the higher mountains.

Bill and Michelle having a little fun at the Juneau Airport

You can see the weather is cloudy and damp. Juneau has already had 40.33″ of rain this year – that’s 12.46″ above average.

Downtown Juneau

We took a bus from the airport to downtown (only $2 and they accept cash). It was a beautiful ride. We saw waterfalls on the steep mountains to the east of the city. Juneau gets the cruise ships and has whale watching tours. The water is right at sea level, with mountains around the city reaching to almost 4,000 feet above sea level. The town was bustling and friendly. An Alaska husky dog mix came up to us to be petted at the bus stop.

I’ll update again tomorrow evening.