The death toll from the deadly tornadoes in Mississippi Friday night is up to 26 and it may yet inch higher. The National Weather Service in Jackson MS issued this statement Saturday night: “The Rolling Fork/Silver City tornado has been assigned a preliminary rating of EF4. We still have quite a bit of data to process, but we’ll have more details for you as they are ready to go out.” On the Enhanced Fujita Scale, this would be a peak wind of 166-200 mph. The U.S. had a total of 4 EF4 tornadoes in 2022 and just 3 in 2021.

We only had 23 tornado fatalities in the U.S. last year, so this tornado topped all the tornadoes of 2022 combined with at least 26 fatalities.

Here’s a look at the 20 deadliest tornadoes in Mississippi (not including this latest tornado, which looks like it will move into 6th place in number of fatalities). There’s three F5, thirteen F4, three F3 and 1 F2. Also, look how many of these deadly tornadoes have occurred in winter or early spring and none in the summer. There’s 3 in January, 8 in February, 2 in March, 5 in April, 1 in November and 2 in December.

This appears to be a long-track, violent tornado that may have passed through 4 counties.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for this Sunday from the Storm Prediction Center

Another severe weather outbreak is likely this afternoon from Louisiana to the Atlantic Ocean. There is an Enhanced Area from eastern Louisiana to Alabama. More tornadoes are possible, along with hail and strong thunderstorm winds.

There’s also a Marginal Risk of a severe thunderstorm across northern Indiana. SPC says: “

 ...Eastern Illinois into Indiana...
   Low-topped thunderstorms may develop Sunday afternoon across eastern
   IL as a low-amplitude shortwave trough overspreads this region.
   Although low-level moisture should remain limited, enough weak
   instability may still develop through the day as mid-level
   temperatures cool with the shortwave trough passage. With some
   enhanced low/mid-level flow forecast, and convection that can
   develop and be sustained may pose an isolated damaging wind risk.

A general (not severe) thunderstorm is possible in southern Michigan, generally south of I-96.
Storm Reports from Saturday/Saturday night

Here’s storm reports from Saturday/Saturday night. Only one relatively small and inconsequential tornado in SE Alabama. There were 75 reports of wind damage, including winds up to 71 mph in the Cleveland area. Lots of downed trees from Ohio into western Pennsylvania. There was another swath of wind damage across southern Georgia.

At 1:40 am – there were 287,343 customers without power in Ohio and another 105,312 in Pennsylvania. Michigan still have 49,694 – that was mainly in southeast Michigan and also up around Mecosta County (from freezing rain). Alabama had 10,396 without power, mainly along the path of the Friday night tornado.