DETROIT (WOOD) — The dramatic reversal continues on Lake Michigan, which is now closer to its average water level than the record highs it set just one year ago.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers weekly report released Friday shows Lake Michigan is now down 20 inches from June 4, 2020, and just 14 inches above the long-term average for June.

The lake normally rises throughout the spring, finally cresting in July. However, this year Lake Michigan’s level has hardly changed since February. In fact, it even went down 1 inch in May.

The driving force behind the drop is the lack of rain. The Lake Michigan-Huron basin received just 56% of its average rainfall in May. Over the past year, the basin’s precipitation is more than 5 inches below the annual average of 32 inches.

Great Lakes year-to-year comparisons:

  • Lake Michigan-Huron: Down 20 inches
  • Lake Superior: Down 6 inches
  • Lake Erie: Down 17 inches
  • Lake Ontario: Down 25 inches