As I type this around 6 am Tue. morning, snow flurries are falling in Marquette in Upper Michigan. The above is an early morning screen grab from a webcam at Northern Michigan University. The temperature now is 26° and the wind is north at 9 mph. Temperatures are forecast to stay in the upper 20s most of the day.

Marquette has had 199.8″ of snow this winter and they should go over 200″ later today. That’s 90.1″ more snow than they had last winter through April 25th.

They had one inch of snow on the ground continuously from 12/3 to 4/24 (143 days) and at least a trace of snow on the ground for 163 days (and still counting). They had a stretch of 115 days with 8″ or more of snow on the ground (12/28 – 4/21). The greatest snow depth this winter at Marquette was 42″ (3 and a half feet) on Feb. 23rd.

So far this year, every month has been colder than average (Jan. -4.8°, Feb. -5.3°, Mar. -1.2° and Apr. -1.4°). May looks like it’ll continue that string of chilly months.

Some places in the U.P. have had a lot more snow that that. Mt. Horace Greeley leads this list with 319.6″ this winter, Tamarack has recorded 308.3″. As of April 15, Mt. Bohemia had 308.0″ and Painesdale was up to 271.6″. As of this morning, Painesdale still had 2 feet of snow on the ground.