Shiverin’ Snowman! Tuesday, Marquette (airport) had their snowiest February day EVER! They picked up 21.6″ of new snow. Combine that with the 9.7″ of snow that fell on Monday at the airport and 5.8″ that fell on Wednesday and that gives them 37.1″ in 54 hours! The old February midnight-to-midnight record was 19.4″ on Feb. 26, 2002. The old daily record for 2/22 was 7.5″ in 1974.

That came to 1.36″ liquid equivalent precipitation. As of early Thursday AM, the Marquette Airport reported a snow depth of 42″ (the snow settles a bit) and they have had 56.3″ of snow this month), bringing their season total to 170.1″, which is 28.3″ above average-to-date. The high/low temperature at Marquette on Tue. was 14/10, we’ll below freezing.

Marquette has dipped below zero 11 times this month and their average high/low temperature for the month has been 19.7°/2.1°. They are 4.2° colder than average for February after being 4.8° colder than average for January.

ALSO: Check out the lake-effect snow flurries that are caused by very cold air coming over the open reservoirs of Kansas:

Lake-effect snow coming off reservoirs in Kansas on Tue. 2 22 22.

I actually saw a few small lake-effect flurries coming off Lake Mendota in Madison WI once when I was at the University of Wisconsin. That lake is about 4 miles across.

Great Lakes ice extent 2 22 22

This is Great Lakes ice extent. With the colder-than-average pattern that we’ve had in 2022, you might think that the ice extent would be a little higher than 37.6%. However, as ice tries to form, we get a day with strong wind that breaks up the ice. Update – as of early Thu. AM – Great Lakes ice extent was up to 40.8% and Lake Michigan ice extent to 28.0%,

AND: Hurricane hitting Madagascar.