March Will Be Warmer Than Average


March is going to be warmer than average in West Michigan and in much of the country. The map above is the 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for March 10-16. Only the Pacific NW coast is expected to have cooler than average temperatures.

I’ve said this before…there are drawbacks to warmer than average weather in March. First, we’re concerned for the blossoms coming out too soon and being susceptible to a frost. Second, warm weather in spring sometimes means severe storms and tornadoes can come farther north.

Probabilities of a significant tornado on March 4

This map from the Storm Prediction Center is the probability of a significant tornado on March 4. The highest probability of a significant tornado here in the first week of March is in Mississippi and Alabama. However, there is a very small chance up into Lower Michigan.

Storm Reports from Tue. March 2

Here’s the severe weather reports from Tuesday…there were 6 tornadoes – no injuries. Theyere were 32 reports of large hail and 6 reports of wind damage. Dickson TN had baseball-sized hail.

Michigan had six (small) tornadoes in 2019, well below the average of 16.

Severe Weather Outlook area for Wed. Mar. 3

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for today (Tue. Mar. 3). There is a Slight Risk for part of Texas. The (dark green) Marginal Risk stretches from Texas to the Atlantic and up into S. Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The pretty sunset in Muskegon 3 2 20 – Monday
SW satellite picture Monday

Here’s a SW U.S. satellite picture. You can see the snow in the higher mountains of the West.

ALSO: Picture of tornado in NE Arkansas Tue. night. 5th wettest winter in Great Britain. Monday’s National High/Low temps: 93 at McAllen, TX; -26 at Peter Sinks, UT . The mini-moon. Look at all the hail in Kentucky. Another picture of the hail in Kentucky Mon. PM. 140 car accident on I-80 in Wyoming – 4 fatalities. This is a red sunset.

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