Looking Hard to Find Some Sunshine


I found some sunshine. This is right before sunset at the Port Sheldon Buoy. At the time, the wind at the buoy was just 3 mph, the waves were 7″ high and the water temp. was 55.4°.

Sunshine over the past 3 days

Here’s the amount of sunshine Grand Rapids has recorded in the last three days. Saturday, we had 5% sun – a total of 43 minutes. On Father’s Day (Sun.) we had not a minute of sun. Monday’s total sunshine was a whopping 9 minutes or 1%. That brings the % of sunshine for the month, through the 17th, to just 46% – average is 63% for June.

South Haven Beach Early Monday Evening 6/17/19

This is kind of an extraordinary picture from the S. Haven Beach early Monday evening. How many people do you see? Look hard. There’s usually a lot of people at the beach on a summer evening…fewer when it’s cool, but still some walking up and down the boardwalks and the beach. The lack of sun and the persistent cool air has kept water temperatures down. The water temp. Mon. was just 52° at Grand Haven and Ludington and only 45° at the mid-Lake Michigan buoy.

Sunset at the Port Sheldon Buoy on 6/17/19 (without me in the picture)

Monday was a pretty calm day in West Michigan. The average wind speed, midnight-to-midnight, was just 3.2 mph in Kalamazoo and 3.6 mph in Battle Creek.

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