There’s a Lakeshore Flood Advisory and Small Craft Advisories in effect. At 5 pm, the Small Craft Advisory becomes a Gale Warning and then it goes back down to a Small Craft Advisory from 8 am -11 pm Sunday.

Lakeshore Flood Advisory

Wind gusts to 40 mph are possible at the lakeshore and waves could build as high as 10 feet with the highest waves likely Saturday PM and Saturday night.

National Hazards Map

This is the National Hazards Map. Hazards include cold and snow in the Upper Midwest and Fire Danger in California.

East Grand Rapids Thu. Afternoon

We had a stretch of 4 consecutive mostly sunny, dry and warm days. This is how it looked at East Grand Rapids late Thursday PM. I saw a dozen boats on the lake. The JV football game between the Pioneers and Mona Shores here had good weather – better than the wet games this Friday evening. Here’s local radar:

Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar loop from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings
Grand Rapids Radar

and regional radar:

Central Great Lakes sector loop

Go to: Most Recent Image Rainfall Friday: 1.17″ Holland, 0.96″ Muskegon, 0.89″ Battle Creek, 0.60″ Kalamazoo, 0.59″ Grand Rapids. Peak wind gusts Friday: 41 mph Saugatuck, 38 mph Muskegon Airport, 37 mph Muskegon Beach, 36 mph S. Haven Beach, 34 mph Grand Rapids, 31 mph Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and at the Holland Airport.

One of many crashes on I-25 in Colorado Thu. AM

Above pic. from FOX31 in Denver shows an accident on I-25 in Colorado. This was one of many crashes that closed I-25 in both directions. Look at what happened at Denver:

High temperature Wed. was 83°. At 5:15 pm, the temp. was 79°, the dewpoint was 11° and the wind was calm. At 5:41 pm, the wind went to NNE at 41 mph with a peak gust of 56 mph. The visibility was 3 miles in blowing dust. By 5:53 pm, the temp. was down to 61°, the dewpoint was up to 41°. The wind continued strong at 40 mph with a peak gust of 55 mph. At 6:53 pm, the temp. was down to 47° and they were still getting gusts to 50 mph. At 9:53 pm the temp. hit 32° and it started snowing. By 8:53 am the next morning, the temp. was down to 19° and there was about 2″ of snow on the ground. Roads were very icy.

At 3:53 pm Wed., the temp. at Denver was 81°. At 3:53 pm Thu., the temp. was 26°. That’s a difference of 55°.