This is a graph of the water temperature of Lake Michigan. The blue line is the 27-year average and the thinner red line is the water temperature this year.

Right now the lake is a little cooler than average. You can see the two upward spikes from May 10-14 and May 29-31 when we had high temperatures in the mid 80s. Overall, it’s been cooler and cloudier than average since late March.

This Sunday evening, the south mid-Lake Michigan buoy had a water temp. of 51° and the north mid-Lake Michigan buoy had a chilly water temp. of 38° (and an air temperature of just 43°). At the shore, Ludington reported a surface water temp. of 60° on Sunday.

Old Mission Peninsula seen from an airplane

My son-in-law snapped this pic. a few days ago. He was flying from Chicago to London, England and they flew pretty much right over his house (he lives in Traverse City).

Mont Ripley in Upper Michigan Sunday evening

I’ve been following the two remaining patches of snow left on Mt. Ripley in Upper Michigan, near Houghton. They are shrinking, but they’re still there in the center of the pic. This is about as late as I can remember snow here on the mountain. Much of the U.P. had above average snowfall this past winter, with Mt. Bohemia recorded a season total of 321″.

Northern Hemisphere snow and ice cover

The map above snows Northern Hemisphere snow and ice cover. You can see most all of Hudson Bay is still ice covered. There is ice on Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake and Lake Athabasca. There is still snow on the higher mountains out West and in Alaska and also in far northern Canada.