GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It is going to be another fantastic beach weekend for West Michigan.

The hot and humid weather will likely coax a lot of people to our inland lakes and the shores of Lake Michigan. Wind and waves it should be manageable, but watch for an increased risk current risk on Sunday.

Water temperatures are very warm this time of year, sitting in the 70s and in some cases the upper 70s. Statistically, this is usually one of the last weeks that temperatures stay so warm before they plummet quickly approaching fall.

The waves will be the smallest Friday, coming in around 1 foot on Lake Michigan. There will be a storm threat all day. Any downpours could come with substantial rainfall totals. Remember if you are at the beach and you hear thunder, you are within range of lightning. A car with a metal roof or buildings are safe, but not pavilions.

Waves will be slightly bigger on Saturday, coming in at 1 to 3 feet, but rip current risks are still expected to be fairly low. Saturday is expected to be the hottest day with the fewest storms. Expect plenty of sunshine, especially at the lakeshore.

On Sunday, the waves will increase to 2- to 4-footers. A moderate rip current risk as possible. Watch out for red flags and if you see one, stay out of the water. Sunday will be hot and humid with highs near 80 degrees close to Lake Michigan. There will be some spans of sunshine but watch for occasional showers or storms.

The Lake Michigan Beach and Boating forecast is sponsored by Elhart Automotive Campus and Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.