July Weather Summary – Variable Rainfall


July 2021 Rainfall in W. Michigan

Look at how variable the rainfall in W. Michigan was during July. On the wet side, Battle Creek recorded 6″ of rain. That was 179% of average rainfall. On the other hand, Holland (Regional Airport) had only 1.13″ of rain, just 40% of average rainfall. The 4.44″ in Grand Rapids was 0.58″ above average. Since June 1, Grand Rapids has had 12.93″ of rain and that’s 5.13″ above average. Kalamazoo had 4.33″ in July and that was 0.99″ above average. Since June 1, Kalamazoo has picked up 114.99″ of rain and that’s 8.43″ above average. Muskegon had a two-month total of 9.61″ and that’s 5.13″ above average. Holland’s two-month total is 7.95″ and that’s 1.70″ above average.

Summary of July Weather from the G.R. NWS

Temperatures were close to average for the month. There was just a 36 degree spread between the hottest temp. in G.R. (89) and the coolest (53). The average wind was 8.3 mph. The fastest gust was 40 mph on he 5ht. Sixty percent of our July rainfall came on July 23rd. We had 11 days when we could see lightning or hear thunder in G.R. and 11 days with at least a little smoke in the air from Western wildfires.

So far in 2021, we’ve had four months that have been warmer than average and 3 months that have been cooler than average. Weighing each month equally (Feb. has only 28 days) the year so far is 0.5 degree warmer than average.

I continue to look at long range seasonal weather. Right now I’d go with above average temperatures for the period from August 7 thru the end of October and below average temperatures with a White Christmas for December. We’ll also see the Atlantic hurricane season ramp up probably starting next week.

Michigan Corn Crop Progress

This is the latest Corn Silking Update from the USDA for Michigan. You can see that we’re well ahead of both last year and the 5-year average, with sweet corn and peaches coming to market. There’s a lot to pick from at your local farm stand, farm market or supermarket.

Corn and (soy)beans are planted closer together in the fields these days. So, each field needs more water. A single corn stalk can transpire 53 gallons of water into the air during it’s lifetime and that water needs to come from rain (or irrigation). It’s one thing to have a drought in early-mid spring (especially if the ground is moist), but it’s another thing (more serious) to have a drought in August. So we’re hoping for ample rainfall to bring home a great set of crops this year.

Here’s some rainfall totals for Saturday night. East Grand Rapids tops the list. I got 1/4″ of rain last night at my place – and it was most welcome.

Airport Rainfall Totals from Saturday Night

These are airport rain totals from Saturday night. Note that the Regional Airport in Holland got nothing – that’s the area that could use some rain.

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