Look at the size of this ship that came down the Grand Haven Channel Monday afternoon! This is the Algoma Intrepid, one of the newest ships on the Great Lakes. It’s a Canadian ship that first started moving around the Great Lakes in 2020. It’s most apt to be carrying stone, grain, salt or other dry cargo.

At 650 feet long, it’s more than twice the length of a football field! It’s 79 feet wide. The ship traveled down from the Straits of Mackinac this Memorial Day.

We have Small Craft Advisories for Lake Michigan through 6 am Wednesday, but I’d guess the Algoma Intrepid can handle Small Craft Advisories.

The ship has a draught of approximately 20 feet. The channels have to be dredged deep enough to accomodate these large ships. The carrying capacity of the Algoma Intrepid is 25,019 deadweight tonnage. The ship is valued at 30.6 million dollars. It has a sister ship, the Algoma Innovator. The Intrepid is equipped with exhaust scrubber systems that remove 97% of sulfur oxide emissions.

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