Friday evening in Grand Rapids, you could see scattered cumulonimbus clouds on the northern horizon. I took the picture above from Dunneback’s Farm Market in Alpine Township. This is looking NNW and I zoomed in as far as I could with my phone camera. There were two other anvil-shaped cumulonimbus clouds to the right of this cloud.

When I got home (about 10 minutes later) I grabbed this picture from the radar at It shows the thunderstorms stretching from S. Manitou Island east across Leelanau County and continuing east toward Gaylord.
Satellite pic. Friday evening

Here’s a satellite picture from Friday evening. You can see the white blobs indicating the cumulonimbus clouds in N. Lower Michigan. There were also a few showers in far SE Wisconsin and near Chicago.

Storm Total Rainfall across N. Lower Michigan

Finally, here’s Storm Total Rainfall showing where it rained Friday evening in N. Lower Michigan

So, how far away were the storms that we could see on the northern horizon from Grand Rapids. Well, the distance in a straight line from Grand Rapids to Traverse City is around 124 miles. We were looking at storms that were around 130-140 miles away from Grand Rapids.

Sunset at Alpena, Michigan Friday evening 7 23 22

Alpena missed the rain, which was to the left or south of this picture. This is the sun setting behind the twin steeples of St. Anne’s Church (All Saints Parish).