The pic. above is a magnolia tree in blossom in Dallas, Texas on Saturday. The temperature reached 70 degrees in Dallas on Saturday. That was the 11th time the thermometer has climbed to 70 this month. Two of those days had highs in the low-mid 80s.

Early morning – Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is 54 deg. and Dallas (Love Field) is a warm 62. Back in West Michigan, Belmont and Comstock Park have had 8″ of snow and it’s in the upper 20s. Roads are snow covered and slippery in many areas. North winds are bringing down colder air. As I type this, it’s 28 in Grand Rapids, 16 on Mackinac Island and 7 at S. Ste. Marie. The snow has diminished, but light snow remains possible at times. I’ll fly home today and I’ll update the blog this evening, hopefully.

Pansies blooming in Dallas TX on Saturday January 28 2023

Saturday, I got up around 4 am and headed to the Ford Airport. I met up with daughter, Michelle and her husband. Michelle works for American Airlines and can fly anywhere in the world standby if there is room on the plane. She can take a parent along at a greatly reduced rate.

So, we planned to fly from G.R. to Charlotte NC and then back to Chattanooga TN. But…the plane filled up…and in fact most planes leaving G.R. were full. HMM…she is busy on her phone and sees there are open seats on a flight to Dallas, mostly because the plane has been delayed getting to G.R. OK – let’s to to Dallas.

Because there are empty seats, we get an upgrade to First Class and that means food – oatmeal, grapes, raisins, a small tangerine, a beverage (I had milk and decaf).

View out the plane window
Trees with leaves on in Dallas, TX on Jan. 28, 2023

There are quite a few trees and bushes with green leaves on them here in the Dallas area. Some, like the live oaks have waxy leaves that limit transpiration through the leaves. The hollies keep their green leaves through the winter, too.

Fountain at the campus of SMU, where MIchelle went to law school

The fountains and pools in Dallas are still operating.

I’m too tired to continue, but i”ll update this thread Sunday evening. Thanks for reading my blog!