The Storm Prediction center has a new map that shows the percent chance of lightning on any given day of the year across the U.S.

Playing around, it look like to me the highest chance of seeing lightning in Grand Rapids on a given day of the year is July 20, which also happens to be the mid-point of summer.

It’s not the day with the greatest chance of severe weather, this is just for lightning.

Graph of annual severe weather events in the Grand Rapids CWA (County Warning Area – generally from the I-94 counties on the south to the US 10 counties to the north).

Note there is a great deal of variation from one year to the next. The graph for a city like Detroit or Chicago might look significantly different, but here in West Michigan, we seem to have peaked from 1998 – 2008 with the years since being on the quiet side.

I’ll do a separate thread on severe weather in 2022, but SPC has just 3 tornadoes listed for the state of Michigan in 2022. The average number is 16. Of the 3 tornadoes listed, two of them appear to be the same tornado, so that would bring us down to just 2. Looks like hail and severe wind reports will come in below average as well.

Note: Warm surge next Tuesday sends temps. well up into the 50s. It’s not impossible that we could see a random thunderstorm either Mon. night or Tuesday of next week.

ALSO: Two day timelapse of blizzard. Video of Aurora Borealis in Canada. A drone view of the pyramids.

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