Friday late morning looking out over the East Bay at Traverse City

Friday, I started the day with another fresh peach and some blackberries I picked myself, yummy. My wife wanted a pasty and headed into town with step-granddaughter, Maya – who knew where to get one. I walked down to the water (East Bay) with a book to read, but spent much of the time watching the weather and the boats. You can see a couple showers in the distance. Gayle and Maya caught a pretty healthy shower in the city, while I had nothing more than a sprinkle.

There were some pretty towering cumulus – lots of variation of color – an interesting sky

We drove back to Grand Rapids in the late afternoon and evening. We headed west from Traverse City to M-22 so we could catch the view at Inspiration Point, a scenic lookout near Acadia. See the first pic. above. Looking out over the water, we could see two ships in the distance to the west and more than a half dozen fishing boats, which looked pretty tiny from our vantage point.

View from Inspiration Point looking west – you can see the ship in the distance

The parking area at Inspiration Point is 370 above the level of Lake Michigan. You can climb a series of metal, see-through steps up another 80 feet. I had a quarter for the binoculars mounted on a pole. At the top, people invariably start talking to each other. We talked to a couple from Brighton. They had come to the lake last night to see if the Northern Lights were out, but they did not see them here.

We continued south down to Portage Lake. The Manistee County Fair is taking place this weekend at the east end of Portage Lake and it was packed – lots of people at the carnival, just $2 to park (Lions Club doing the parking). The fair has been going on for 151 years. So, it’s more than twice as old as me! Tonight (Saturday night) is the big demolition derby at the fair – you can check out the 4-H exhibits and they have lots of animals for the kids to enjoy – horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and more.

We turned east on M-55 – a long stretch without stoplights or stop signs until you reach M-37. We passed areas where there were numerous dead trees. I wondered if this was caused by gypsy moths (now called spongy moths). We stopped at Subway in White Cloud and got a foot long chicken teriyaki. I kept my half until I got home, because I wanted to drive before it got dark. When I got home one of my cats (Sir Yum) went nuts over the sandwich. He’s normally kind of finicky about eating. I gave him a piece of the chicken and he wolfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in a week and was begging for more. I finished it up and it was pretty good.

There was a 2-mile detour southbound on M-37 (Alpine Ave.) at 15-Mile Rd. The detour takes you all the way west to Fruit Ridge. We turned left at Peach Ridge and I bet you could have turned on Phelps and gone the 2 miles to 13 Mile Rd. to get back on Alpine.

The cats were both waiting at the door for us as they always do. We have a cat-sitter that comes over, so we know they have good care when we are gone. We got home in time to watch the 10 pm news on WXSP. It’s about 5 am as I write this – both cats are asleep now and it’s pretty quiet. I’ve been watching the scattered showers moving across Lake Michigan.

It was a good trip…we’re grateful for 3 nice days and safe travel.