With mostly clear skies, we’ve been able to see a beautiful full moon the last couple of nights. It’ll stay mostly cloudy tonight (Sun. night) and probably Monday night as well.

This is the most famous of full moons, the Harvest Moon.

Full Harvest Moon amid some thin clouds

Side note…a little mood music…if you’re my age, you might remember “Sing Along with Mitch” on NBC in the early 1960s, kind of an ancestor of karaoke. People at home sung along with the choir. The words were on the TV screen with the bouncing ball to show you what to sing. I remember it in beautiful black and white.

Mitch Miller lived to be 99 years old and he had two brothers that survived him. He had a 65-year marriage and was an accomplished oboe and french horn player, conductor, big-time record producer and record company executive at Columbia. He played music and conducted into his mid 90s.

OK – back to topic. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that is closest to the Autumn Equinox. This year the equinox is Saturday 9/22 at 9:04 pm. The Harvest Moon was at its fullest at 5:58 am Saturday.

At this time of year, the full moon rises in the east pretty close to sunset and appears full a couple days before and after the exact time of the full moon. Sky and Telescope has a nice diagram here.

Saturday night Jupiter was a little to the left of the full moon. Jupiter is a bright “star” in the east during the evening.

ALSO: What NASA’s base camp on the moon could look like.

Venus is still visible just before sunrise in the east, but by October, it’ll get lost in the glare of the sun. Next year it will emerge as the “evening star”.

West Michigan Peaches – I’ve been eating 1-2 a day

Speaking of “harvest” – overall, this has been a great year for agriculture in Michigan. The latest Michigan crop report says:

“West Michigan benefited from several rain events. Corn continued to mature nicely, and soybeans greened up due to rain events. It was a great week for making alfalfa and other hay, and the third cutting progressed ahead of average. Pest and disease activity held off throughout most of the season reducing the amount of damage to crops. Michigan vegetable producers continued to harvest their crops, with many of their vegetables beginning to hit the market. Pumpkins were sizing up nicely, and second plantings of pickles, cucumbers, and summer squash were nearing harvest on some farms. Potato yields were average
to slightly above average, while this year’s sweet corn crop was reported to be excellent. Farmers throughout Michigan began to prepare for full scale apple harvest. McIntosh and Jonathan for caramel apples were harvested in the Southwest, Gala harvest was anticipated to begin there soon. On the Ridge, Paula Red, Ginger Gold and McIntosh were harvested. Gala harvest was delayed somewhat from
normal. Peach harvest continued.”

I’ve been having coffee plus either an apple or a peach when I get up each morning.