A single supercell thunderstorm produced large hail up to 3″ in diameter across parts of Allegan, NW Barry and S. Ionia Counties. The top pic. is near Freeport, north of Hastings from Jeff Burman.

Hail pic. from Laurie Wilcox Krol at Barlow Lake – Yankee Springs
Hail 4 4 23 Erich Zolinski at least 3″ in diameter in Middleville
Hail in Hastings 4 4 23 7:30 pm Britain Moore

Hail 3″ in diameter in Barry Co. Michigan

Hail in Lake Odessa 4 4 23 from Dana Coates
2 1/2″ diameter hail 8 miles northeast of Hastings (from Pam Johnson on my facebook)
Temperature contrast across Nebraska 4 4 23
Hail in Middleville courtesy Caitlin Boguslawski (April 4, 2023)

In a few places, there was enough hail to shovel.

Hail 2 inches in diameter near Wayland

There were a few places in this hail swath – notably Barry Co., where hail was big enough to break car windshields and cause a few dents.