The pictures of funnel clouds above and below were tweeted out by the Grand Rapids National Weather Service Thursday afternoon. They said: “Funnel clouds have been observed in Gratiot and Clinton Counties this afternoon and evening. Here’s one that was seen near Perrinton in Gratiot County around 3:30 pm on August 4th. We do not expect these to reach the ground or do any damage.”

Funnel cloud in Gratiot Co. Thursday afternoon 8 3 22

It’s nice to have visual evidence of the funnel. The National Weather Service was monitoring not only this specific shower/t-shower, but also the general weather across the area, which was not conducive to damaging tornadoes.

Picture of small cumulonimbus cloud – as seen from Jenison by Mark Feenstra

I was kayaking during the evening at Cranberry Lake (BTW – thanks to the guy who helped me walk my kayak down to the water – one of several guys on jet skis – very much appreciated). The towering cumulus clouds (and a couple small cumulonimbus) were just awesome to watch. I don’t have a pic. to share from the lake, but the clouds and their reflection in the calm water at the west end of the lake were really spectacular and fun to watch. It would have fun to get them on time lapse.

Towering Cumulus and small Cumulonimbus – from Mike VanAanhold – looking south from Jenison

Interesting note: The drier air isn’t too far to our north. At 3 am Friday – the dewpoint is 70 in Grand Rapids, 60 in Big Rapids and 50 at Rogers City. Big difference. There are a few patches of fog around early this Fri. AM. Watch for a half moon overhead and then to the west during the evening.

I’ll be in the Coast Guard Parade Saturday with Emily Linnert. If you’re headed to Grand Haven from Grand Rapids and points east – there’s always a big jam up as you squeeze to one lane to get over the Grand River drawbridge.

You can avoid that back-up by staying south of the Grand River – come M-45 or if you’re on I-96, drop south and go over the Grand River at either 68th (Eastmanville) or M231 and come into town on Mercury Drive.

Say “hi” if you see me on Saturday.