We have a full moon this weekend. The full moon of April is called the “Pink Moon”, named after the pink flowers of spring (specifically phlox).

Full Moon in downtown Grand Rapids

Here’s a pic. of the full moon Saturday evening next to McKay Tower in downtown Grand Rapids.

We continue to be in a cool pattern. The high temperature on Saturday in Grand Rapids was just 39°. That was 19° below average for April 16. We’ll start out Easter Sunday with temperatures in the mid 20s. The record low temperature for April 17 in G.R. is 24° and we could come close to that.

Fortunately, the blossoms aren’t out yet (like they were in 1910, 1945 and 2012). Bulb flowers (tulips, daffodils) may wilt a bit when it’s below freezing, but they’ll bounce right back when it warms up.

Sunset in South Haven Saturday evening

Here’s sunset at South Haven Saturday evening. While much of the day was cloudy, especially north of a line from Saugatuck to Hastings, but there was some sunshine from S. Haven across the southern tier of counties south of I-94.

Daylight Tracker – Days are getting longer

The days continue to lengthen. Today (Sun.) we have 13 1/2 hours of daylight.

More snow for E. Montana and N. Dakota.

There will be more snow in the Northern Plains this Sunday. This comes on the heels of a 3-day blizzard that left some record snowfall totals in Montana: 47″ at Albro Lake, 36″ at Pony and at Rimini MT and also in N. Dakota: 36″ at Minot, 30.5″ at Glenburn, 29.2″ at Dickinsen and 18.2″ at Bismarck.

Chance of accumulating 2″ or more of snow in the next 72 hours. That’s 80% over the western U.P. and 40% over parts of Central Lower Michigan (in the blue – north of Mt. Pleasant. That’s a pretty high chance for the 2nd half of April.

The record April snowfall in Grand Rapids was 12″. 11.8″ of that fell on April 16, 1961 with 0.2″ after midnight.

We could see a little light snow in West Michigan. That would be most likely late Sunday night into Monday. It’ll stay quite cool for mid-April early this coming week, but it will warm up late next week.

Also: Check out this huge wave on Lake Superior.