This was the view from the airport motel parking lot around 8 am local time. It’s cloudy and 54 degrees here. The rain has quit temporarily, but we’ll continue to see occasional light rain showers. It’s cloudy, with pockets of low clouds and fog flirting with the mountains around the city. The high/low temperature yesterday was 57/52. Sunday the high/low was 57/53 – so not much difference between day and night. They had 0.18″ of rain yesterday. Juneau has had measurable rain on 11 of the last 13 days.

Texas license plate in Juneau AK

Here’s something I bet you don’t see very often here, a Texas license plate. There are no roads coming in and out of the Juneau area – so all vehicles come in by ferry. I was told that the cars here have low mileage, because you can’t drive very far – mostly just across town. Besides the cheap ($2 a ride) bus – there are plenty of cabs and Uber here, so it’s easy to get around.

Off to our day’s adventure – I’ll write more later.