Recent heavy rains have filled a number of California reservoirs. In Santa Clara County, four reservoirs are now more than 100% full.

The picture above shows water going down the overflow spillway at the Lexington Reservoir.

  • Coyote Reservoir : 111 percent full
  • Uvas Reservoir : 105 percent full
  • Almaden Reservoir : 104 percent full
  • Lexington Reservoir : 103 percent full

Lake Shasta is the biggest reservoir in California. The rate of rise has slowed, from over 5 feet in 24 hours to now a little less than 2 feet in 24 hours. The level has risen 50 feet since late December, a dramatic rise. Right now the reservoir is approximately 88 feet below full. The heavy rain is about over for much of California, but melting snow from a now above average snowpack in the Sierras will continue to feed into the reservoirs this spring.

The only reservoir left in the county that is not yet half-full is Anderson Reservoir. Water managers are intentionally keeping the water level in Anderson because of a federal mandate and $1.19 billion seismic retrofit project.