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The ship Manitowoc, leaving Grand Haven Tue. evening

This is the ship Manitowoc leaving the Grand Haven Channel Tue. evening (pic. from my daughter Marie). If you happen to see a ship coming or going on the big lake, take out your phone and go to You can query that ship by name and see where it’s going and even how fast the ship is moving. If you can’t see the name, go to the map. You can see ships in your area, over all the Great Lakes…actually anywhere in the world.

Tall ships make their way down the Elizabeth River during Operation U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Lacordrick Wilson  

Another good resource is Boatnerd. You can read about lighthouses, shipwrecks, maritime museums – lots of facts and figures – you can even look for a boat to buy.

Lake Michigan Forecast for Weds. 6 19 19

Here’s the lake forecast for today (Wed. 6/19). It’ll be another calm day. The average wind speed Tue. from midnight to 5 pm in Gr. Rapids was only 1.5 mph. One year ago (6 19 18) the water temp. was 68° at both Grand Haven and Saugatuck. Inland lakes are warmer. Yesterday, Reeds Lake in East G.R. had a water temp. of 72°

Sunset at the Port Sheldon Buoy Tue. 6 18 19

Here’s sunset at the Port Sheldon MI buoy. The wind speed at the buoy was 0.89 mph. Waves were 0.26″ feet (3 inches) and the air temp. was 58°

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