Grand Rapids officially (Ford Airport weather station) had the first freeze of the season Saturday morning as the temperature fell to 30°. It was also the coldest temperature in Grand Rapids since April. A west wind kept temperatures warmer at Lake Michigan. The low temperature was 41° at the Muskegon Beach and at the South Haven Beach, while the thermometer dipped to 29° at Charlotte and Hastings.


Saturday was Oct. 8. Ironically the average day of our first 32° day is Oct. 8. Four of the last five years, the first freeze held off until the 2nd half of the month.

Here’s the dates of the first freeze in the last 5 years.


Next up will be the first hard freeze, when temperatures fall below 28°. On average, this happens a bit later on in the season on Oct. 21. In 2021, the first hard freeze held off until Nov. 3.

Keep an eye out for the first hard freeze! On average, it happens Oct. 21.


Low temperatures in the week ahead.

The graphic above shows forecast low temperatures for the coming week. Most areas will not see a frost or freeze this coming week. Tuesday will be the warmest day of this coming week and Wednesday brings our best chance of rain.