Thursday was our 2nd day on the road. We dove from Whitehouse TN to Pensacola Beach. It’s nearly 1,000 miles to go from Holland to Pensacola Beach. I don’t have many pics. to share – we spent most of the day in the car driving. The top pic. is holly growing at a rest stop in Alabama. You see holly planted throughout the south. It’s green in winter with red berries. I thought it odd that the hedge was next to a busy walkway. The leaves are sharp enough to leave a scratch.

There were a couple of robins at the rest stop. Most (but not all) robins migrate to the southern U.S. for the winter and I wondered if those two robins might be from Michigan.

On the way, we passed areas where they had cut through the rock to make the expressway, leaving a significant cliff. In a few places, water came down the cliff and all that water froze overnight as temperatures dropped to the mid 20s. With partly to mostly sunny skies, temperatures warmed quickly and we peaked at 62 on the car thermometer in S. Alabama. It was 59 when we arrived at Pensacola Beach in the evening.

Bill on the Beach Thursday evening

When we got settled into the motel, we walked out on the beach. I lay down in the sand to look at the 2/3rds full moon and the planet Jupiter, which were quite close together last night. This is our 3rd trip to Pensacola Beach. The first weekend of December they have a lighted boat parade (+50 boats that pass right in front of you, while you sit on the pier), then a very nice fireworks display. The next day is the Santa Parade. The theme this year is “Surfin’ Santa”. They throw a lot of stuff into the crowds – like stuffed animals. After the parade there is a bike giveaway. The weather looks good for the weekend…pleasant low-mid 70s in the PM.

Seafood Soup/Gumbo at Crab’s

Dinner to follow at Crab’s (where the crab is from Alaska – a long ways away). We started with a bowl of soup/gumbo.

Dinner at Crab’s

This was our dinner – Gulf grouper for me and a shrimp basket for Gayle. Yummy – no room for dessert, but they did have cookies in the lobby at the motel.

We plan on walking down or up the beach later today (Fri.).

In Michigan, it gets breezy/windy. Gale warnings are out for Lake Michigan until Saturday afternoon for +40 mph gusts. Look for a few rain showers Friday night, possibly changing to snow showers before ending. I don’t see any really big storms for West Michigan next week. Happy weekend, everybody!