The top pic. is just before sunset at the South Haven Channel Saturday evening. Lots of people were walking up and down the piers and there were a few boats out on the water. The S. Haven buoy showed a water temp. of 43° and Port Sheldon had 41°.

At 4 pm Saturday, the temperature at the South Haven, Michigan beach was 62° with the wind coming off the cold water of Lake Michigan. Then the wind shifted to the SE and was coming off the warmer land. By 5 pm the temp. was up to 80°. They had a rise of 17.5° in one hour. At the Muskegon Channel, the wind stayed SSW off the water and the high temp. was 63° At the Muskegon Airport, several miles inland, the high temp. was 80° – which tied a record for the day.

High Temperatures Saturday

The high of 82° in Grand Rapids was 21° warmer than average and it was the same high temperature as Phoenix AZ. We did not set a daily record high temp. in G.R. That was 84° set in 1915 and again in 1925. We had a rather sizable temperature rise from a morning low temp. of 46°. The 82° reading was the warmest Grand Rapids temperature since last Sept. 19.

Here’s forecast high temperatures starting today (Monday 4/25). After a relatively warm weekend, the cool air is coming back and it’ll be sticking around as we end April and start the month of May.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. Much of the contiguous U.S. is expected to have below average temperatures. The exception is the South, where warmer than average conditions are expected from Texas east to Georgia.

Rainfall totals from Sunday

Radar and Satellite

Rainfall from the showers and thunderstorms on Sunday was relatively light. One reason for that was the fast movement of the precipitation. We clocked some thunderstorms moving at 55 – 60 mph. It would be awfully hard to chase a storm going that fast.

High Temperatures Sunday

Here’s high temperatures Sunday. No more temps. in the 70s this week and maybe not even for the week after.

Graphic on the weather for the next few days from the Northern Indiana NWS. They also cover the Michigan counties that border Indiana. Look for frost and a freeze Tue. and Wed. nights.

Sunset at South Haven Sunday evening

Here’s sunset at South Haven Sunday evening. Sunrise this Monday in Gr. Rapids is at 6:45 am and sunset at 8:35 pm. Daylight continues to lengthen at the rate of around 2 1/2 minutes each day. Solar Noon (when the sun is highest in the sky) is at 1:40 pm in Gr. Rapids. At that time the sun is 60 degrees above the southern horizon.

We now have a thick crescent moon in our early morning sky. Best place in the world to see a starry sky.

Nice lightning pic. Pretty flowers. Rainbow near Delton MI (Barry Co.).