FINALLY, we get some sunshine! My solar energy panels have been pretty dormant for the past few weeks. Now, they’ll give me a little heat. How cloudy has it been? Look at this:

This is the cloudiest start to April we have ever had. We’ve had only 7% of possible sunshine over the past 11 days. For the last 19 days, we’ve had 13% sunshine, that’s all. Over the last 17 days, we’ve had only 4 days without any rain or snow. Also, in the last 27 days, there have been only two days with more than 50% sunshine. So far this month of April is running 3.9 deg. cooler than average.

Now we finally get some warmer air…mid-upper 50s this (Sun. PM)…we could approach 70 on Wednesday…but it won’t last:

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook for April 17-23

The cooler than average pattern starts again this coming Thursday and continues into the 3rd week of April and beyond. Much of the country is cooler than average. Only the Southwest and S. Florida are expected to be warmer than average.