The map above is a forecast from the Weather Prediction Center of the amount of rain expected in the next five days. As you can see, most of Michigan gets nothing. I have a slight chance of a light shower late Wed. night into early Thu., but only a slight chance. The next chance of a shower or storm will be Saturday PM into Sunday.

6-10 Day Rainfall Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

The latest 6-10 Day Rainfall Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center has drier than average conditions in the Great Lakes and continued dry weather in the southern Plains States. Wetter than average weather is expected in the Southeast and in the Western Mountains. Individual mainly PM storms in the West could produced isolated heavy rain and flooding, but could help to get the flow levels on the Colorado River to increase. The flow on the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon was 9,920 cubic feet per second, compared to an average flow of 14,599 cfs. The first 9 days of August brought 0.49″ of rain to Prescott AZ and 0.58″ to Phoenix AZ.

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

Here’s the Temperature Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center for August 15-19. Much of the area east of the Mississippi River will be a touch cooler than average. Warmer than average weather continues in the Plains and Pacific Northwest.

Dewpoint Forecast for this (Tue.) afternoon

This is the dewpoint forecast for this Tuesday afternoon. The dewpoint is the measure of the amount of moisture in the air…the high the number, the muggier and more humid the air. The dewpoint reached 75 in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo on Monday and 76 in Ionia. What a difference a day makes! Dewpoints will be mainly in the low-mid 50s. The dewpoints are slightly higher at Alpena, Oscoda and Traverse City, where the north wind will be coming off the water.