A deadly derecho moved across southern Ontario and southwest Quebec on Saturday, leaving at least 9 fatalities and 900,000 customers without power (half had been restored by early Monday, but it may take until the middle of the week to get everyone back online. (Top image from Canada Hydro One).

The derecho actually began Saturday morning in SE Michigan. Here’s severe reports from McComb and St. Clair Counties.
Radar of the Derecho approaching Toronto

Here’s a radar pic. of the derecho approaching Toronto Saturday afternoon. Here’s a radar loop of the line of storms. Winds with these storms were measured over 80 mph. Video of the storm here. (image from Environment Canada).

These transmission towers are usually designed to withstand 100 – 120 mph winds. The derecho hit Canada’s most populated area, affecting the cities of Toronto, Ottawa (where a 75 mph gust was recorded) and Montreal. States of Emergency were declared in Uxbridge and Clarence-Rockford. Most of the 8 fatalities occurred to people who were outside and hit by falling trees. This included people out walking and one man on a golf course. One woman drowned after the boat she was in capsized in the wind. One fatality and two injuries occurred when a tree fell on a camper at Pinehurst Lake.

Three others were injured when a tree fell on two golf carts. (pic. from OPP West Region)

Canada storm damage – pic. from Hydro One

The line of storms traveled well over 600 miles from SE Michigan to W. Maine, moving WSW to ENE. The tower came off the Paroisse Saint-Hughes Church in Sarsfield, Ont. Hydro Quebec had more than 360 crews working to restore power. The city of Ottawa set up numerous respite centers. Ontario Hydro said over 600 utility poles will need to be replaced. David Sills of the Tornado Project said: ““We’re seeing evidence of some damage, such as roofs off and hydro towers crumbled, that kind of thing that gets more into … 180 to 220 kilometres per hour.” That’s 119-137 mph.

In the famous Michigan derecho of May 31, 1998, wind gusts were estimated to be 130 mph in the Grand Haven/Spring Lake Area and in Walker.