The top pic. is sunset Saturday evening at Muskegon. Daylight shrinks at a relatively rapid pace around the Autumn Equinox. Between today and tomorrow we’ll lose 2 minutes and 52 seconds of daylight. In the next week, we’ll lose 20 minutes and 7 seconds. (top. pic. is sunset at Muskegon Saturday evening 9/10.

South Haven Sunset Saturday September 10 2022

Solar noon is now at 1:39 pm. It’s not at 12 noon for two main reasons. First, there is the time change – we’ve move the clock one hour ahead in March and that lasts until the first weekend in November. This year we will gain that hour back at 2 am on Nov. 6. The second reason is that we live at the west end of a time zone.

Grand Haven sunset on Sept. 10, 2022

Here’s sunset at Grand Haven Saturday evening. Note that they have pulled the buoys that mark the swimming area. No more water temperatures from Grand Haven. Other water temps. Saturday included 73 at S. Haven (buoy temp.), 62 at Holland S. P., 64 at Muskegon S. P., 70 at Duck Lake S.P. and 70 at Ludington. Mears (Silver Lake S.P.) said they couldn’t find the thermometer Saturday morning. Inland Reeds Lake was 77 at midday on Saturday.

Sunset on Lake Macatawa Saturday Sept. 10, 2022

One last sunset picture from Lake Macatawa. We’re at that time of year when it’s hard to drive east in the AM looking into the sun and west in the evening also looking into the sun. Sunrise today (11th) is at 83 degrees (due east is 90 degrees). Sunset is at 277 degrees (due west is 70 degrees).

Today (Sunday the 11th), sunrise is at 7:15 am and sunset is at 7:59 pm.
8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Sept. 19-25

This is the long-range, 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. West Michigan, the Great Lakes and much of the country east of the Rockies is expected to be warmer than average. Keep in mind that the averages start to drop…but we’re quite confident that the warmer than average pattern will last into October. Note that the West will be cooler next week.

This is a 3rd year La Nina – last year we were warmer than average in September and October and then a little cooler than average in November and that’s a good starting “guess” for this fall. Sept. 1-10 was 2.4 degrees warmer than average in Grand Rapids..

Grand Rapids has had 0.03″ of rain from Aug. 30 to the early morning of Sept. 11. Everything is still pretty green. We had significant rainfall (+1″ on Aug. 28-29 and that soaked in nicely. The average wind speed so far this month is only 6 mph – we’ve been in a calm pattern.