First – I’m no Mr. Fix-it. I can change a light bulb and use an electric weed whacker and that’s about it. So, we get a motel room…and the bathroom door squeaks…I mean SQUEAKS!…you could probably hear it in the next zip code. Plus, it sounds just like a horse – really. It’s late and the front desk is as empty as Ford Field during the NFL playoffs. I’m thinking…do I have anything that can lubricate a door hinge? The closest thing I can come up with is the complimentary soap, shampoo or conditioner in the bathroom. My wife and I talk it over…we decide on the conditioner. So, I put some on a kleenex and coat the hinge…making sure I can get it “inside” the hinge as much as possible. IT WORKS! The “horse” had disappeared.

Bonus joke – did you hear about the horse that went to the hospital? He was listed in “stable” condition.

We left the Henry Vilas Zoo and headed northwest out of Madison. We have no specific destination…just that I have to be back at work on Saturday. My cats are getting good care at home. The weather has been warm and pleasant and we’re enjoying the road trip.

First Culver’s in Sauk City, Wisconsin

Sunday evening we drove through Sauk City, Wisconsin. I remember that this is the H.Q. of Culver’s. I’ve already visited the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. and the first KFC in Corbin, Kentucky. So, we decided to stop and see the first Culver’s.

There is a “Be Kind” campaign going on in Sauk County. It’s similar to the “Be Nice” campaign in West Michigan. All over Sauk Co. there are yard signs – far more “Be Kind” signs than political signs. Businesses have the words “Be Kind” on billboards and marquee signs. You can see Culver’s has “Be Kind” up on their sign.

The restaurant was just like any other Culver’s. It was very busy – a steady stream of customers and vehicles, but they were moving the line along.

Culver’s plaque at their first restaurant

Culver’s has a very nice building and grounds at their corporate headquarters a couple miles north of the Culver’s restaurant., which is on U.S. 12.