We started the day with coffee and fresh peaches that we got right from a local farm. Yummy. We first drove to Pyatt Lake. Daughter #3 said the lake looks like a Monet painting. She was right:

Pyatt Lake covered in lily pads
This is Maya at Pyatt Lake

The lake was quiet with little wind to stir the air. Bees were gathering nectar from the flowers around the pier. We saw a couple of crows, but did not see the cranes that Daughter #3 had seen the last time she was here. A handful of other people came by while we were there. It was only about a one block walk to get from the parking lot to the lake.

I noted that trees around the periphery of the lake were mostly dead – and that included at least several kinds of trees. Maybe someone could help me with an explanation, but I thought maybe the lake level (water table) had risen with the rise of the water level of nearby Lake Michigan. Once you got about 30 feet inland from the lake, the trees were alive. The plaque on the pier featured a picture of the lake and the trees were alive in that picture.

Gayle found this colorful leaf near the Pyatt Lake Parking lot

We stopped at the Old Mission General Store and chatted with Jim and Marcy Richards. We picked up a few things to nibble on and looked at the many antiques in the store.

Old Mission Church

Just down the road is the Old Mission Church – it was open, so we went inside. The building here is a replica of the original mission church which was erected in 1839 by the Reverend Peter Dougherty, a Presbyterian missionary, who came here to establish the first mission in this part of the country. Originally the building stood on the bayshore, but later was moved to this site where it remained for many years. The bell which is now in the belfry of the church is the original bell of the old church.

Beach at Old Mission

We stopped at the beach at Old Mission. Note the different color water – light blue near shore and then a significantly darker blue as you got to the deep water. Traverse Bay is a relatively deep body of water. The deepest spot is just east of the beach here at Old Mission Point, all the way down to 620 feet. That’s nearly 3 times deeper than Lake Erie (deepest spot 210 feet).

Another view of the water from right at the shore. A few people were swimming, we saw half a dozen boats out on the water. No flies, no mosquitoes, no dead alewives on the beach – yes to sun screen. There were some really good stones for skipping (how old am I?).
Just after sunset – Blue Water Road

In the evening we got carry out from the Peninsula Grill on M-37 at Mapleton. Then, we watched a very pretty sunset.