Shiverin’ Snowman! The Beartooth Highway that runs from Red Lodge, Montana to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park (US 212) remains closed after a near-record 4 to 6 FEET of snow fell over the Memorial Day Weekend.  The picture above from the Wyoming Dept. of Transportation shows a crew clearing part of the road last Friday.  The clearing process has been difficult due to the threat of avalanches and the fact that the road is sometimes hard to find under all that snow.

Clearing heavy snow at the Montana/Wyoming state line.

The storm also caused power outages that lasted up to four days.  The road is 68.7 miles long and climbs to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet above sea level.  As of this (Mon.) morning, the gauge at Sand Lake in the Medicine Bow National Forest showed they still have an average of 50 inches of snow on the ground.

Clearing snow along the Montana/Wyoming border
Clearing snow with a heavy duty “snow thrower” that can pitch snow up to four stories high – National Park Service picture – Jacob W. Frank

And, as of sunset, June 6, we STILL have two (shrinking) piles of snow left on Mont Ripley in Upper Michigan near Houghton. They may last another day or two. Much of Upper Michigan had above average snowfall this past winter, then a cloudier and cooler than average spring.