I was going to mention on the blog that more babies are born on Sept. 16 than any other day of the year. There was an actual study done on this from the years 1973-19 and it was shared in the N.Y. Times back in 2006. However a later study done on the years 1994-2004 found that more babies are born on Sept. 9 than any other day of the year. Both studies agreed that more babies are born in September (despite having just 30 days in the month) than any other month.

I bet you can guess which day had the least number of babies born on it. It was Feb. 29- which only comes around once every four years. Second day on the list of least likely days to be born on is Christmas Day and third on the list in New Year’s Day. My daughter #1 had a due date of 2/29/80. She came four days early.

So, I started looking for a baby picture to use with the article I was going to write. This one popped up – a Christmas card that my parents sent out in 1952. Harry Truman was President. I would have been 18 months old, give or take a month.

I think the picture was taken at my grandparent’s house in Winnetka, Illinois. Note the tiny Christmas tree they had. My parents and I lived in a tiny 4-room apartment on Seward St. in “downtown” Evanston IL at the time and it was too small for much of a get-together. After he got out of the Army Air Corps when WWII ended, my father came back to Chicago to help care for his widowed mother. He got a job at Bell & Howell making 75 cents an hour. He did some car-pooling to get to work. My mother worked for the telephone company for 11 years until I came along.

My dad had a 1949 Chevy during most of the 50s and worked on it himself. He was the youngest of 7 brothers with one girl in the middle of all the boys. My mother was also the youngest. She had one older brother and one older sister.