There was at last scattered frost and freezing temperatures for a brief time this Monday AM across parts of Upper Michigan, northern Lower Michigan and central Lower Michigan. On the map above, light blue was a Frost Advisory and dark blue was a Freeze Warning. Note how well the Warnings/Advisories worked out.

Frost Advisories (light blue) and Freeze Warning (dark blue) for Monday AM

There was a Freeze Warning for Lake, Osceola and Clare Counties north to the Mackinac Bridge. It’s a Frost Advisory for counties that border Lake Huron and for most counties that border Lake Michigan.

Low Temperatures Monday morning 5 15 23
Low Temperatures Monday AM 5 15 23

Here’s some low temperatures Monday AM: 22 at Roscommon (10 degrees below freezing), 23 at Atlanta and Leota (Clare Co.), 26 at Baldwin, 27 at Cadillac and Pellston, 28 at Mio, 29 at Manistee and Evart, 30 at Grayling, 31 at Big Rapids, 32 at Ludington and Alma, 33 at Fremont and Mt. Pleasant, 37 at Ionia, 38 at Grand Rapids and Lansing, 39 at Muskegon and Charlotte, 42 at Holland Battle Creek, 44 at Marshall, 45 at Kalamazoo, 47 at Coldwater, Hillsdale and Benton Harbor, 48 at Sturgis and 49 at Three Rivers.

Red Flag Warning for Today for N. Lower Michigan

There was a Red Flag Warning for Northern Lower Michigan for today. It was along and north of US 10. Rainfall has been below average and humidity levels are expected to below for the next several days. We do not have a Red Flag Warning for this Tuesday, but conditions remain dry in some areas.

Monday afternoon, the relative humidity dipped to just 14% at Mio and just 12% at Grayling. That’s really dry air for Michigan. Grand Rapids has had just 0.82″ of rainfall this month. That’s just 43% of average.

Forecast weather from Monday – Friday

Dry weather should continue through Thursday, with our next chance of rain on Friday. The average high temperature is now 70° in Grand Rapids.

Precipitation forecast for the next seven days

Here’s the rainfall forecast for the next week from the Weather Prediction Center. Here in West Michigan we get 1/10th to 1/4″ and that’s mainly for Friday. Significant rainfall is likely over the Rio Grande border area of South Texas north into Kansas and east through Kentucky. There’s a possibility of even more snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of CA.

Latest Drought Monitor

The latest Drought Monitor shows no drought in Michigan or Wisconsin. The most significant area of drought in the Central U.S. should see welcome rain this week. After a very wet winter and spring, the drought has ended for the vast majority of California.

Water Level of Lake Shasta

I continue to track reservoir levels in the West. The water level of Lake Shasta (the biggest reservoir in California) is holding steady, just 3.4 feet below “full pool”. The level is up 134 1/2 feet since January 1st. I expect the level to reach full pool as snow melts in the mountains during the late spring and summer. As you can see on the graph, the level is much higher than at any time in the last three years.

View of Shasta Lake Sunday evening from Bass Mountain
Water Level of Lake Mead

Farther south, the water level of Lake Mead is on the rise, up 15″ Sunday, due mainly to snowmelt in Colorado. The level is now up to the level of one year ago and is expected to continue to rise slowly as the heavier than usual snowpack melts upstream.

Record High Temperatures in Oregon

There’s a heat wave ongoing in the Pacific Northwest. Record high temperatures were set Saturday and Sunday from Oregon north into British Columbia. Seattle hit 89 and Quillayute on the coast reached 92, tying the all-time record highest temperature for the month of May, previously set in 1987.

High Temperatures for this Monday

Mid-summer like heat rules from Florida across much of the South and from the Desert Southwest to the Pacific Northwest. Clouds and rain will make it a cool day across the Central Plains. Dry weather will prevail across much of the Northern U.S. from Seattle to New England.

ALSO: Summary of the tornadoes in Nebraska Friday PM. No tornadoes in the U.S. on Sunday. There were 20 reports of severe criteria hail (1″ in diameter or greater). All of them were in south central Illinois. There were also 16 mostly minor reports of wind damage from 7 different states. No major power outages from weather in the U.S. as I type this. At the moment, Texas has the most customers without power (4,337) and for some reason, Michigan is in 2nd place with 2970 customers without power. I see we have a power outage affecting 992 customers SE of Grand Rapids.

Power Outage at 4 am

The outage is generally between Patterson and Broadmoor (M37) and south of the airport and M-6. There’s a very small outage (less than 20 customers) west of the bigger outage (green dot on the map).