We had showers and a few thunderstorms move across the area yesterday (Wed.). the storms produced 3/4″ diameter hail at Stanwood and Mecosta, 1/2″ hail at Rosebush in Isabella Co. (where the temp. was 35 when the thunderstorm moved through) and pea-sized hail at a number of locations, including just north of Gaylord.

Rainfall totaled 0.96″ at Lansing, 0.67″ at Grand Rapids, 0.56″ at Muskegon, 0.44″ at Holland and 9.37″ at Kalamazoo.

There was quite a difference in temperatures across the area. Here’s some high temperatures north to south for Wednesday: Cadillac 35°, Grand Rapids 43°, Benton Harbor 58°, Lafayette IN 77° – one spot in Southern Indiana reached 84°.



Radar for Ottawa, Kent, Ionia and Montcalm Counties

Here’s a look at forecast high temperatures for this Thursday. With the help of a little afternoon sun, we should reach 50 – pretty close to average for this time of year.

Snow has come to the western mountains. This is Mt. Rainier. Mammoth Mt. Ski Area will open for skiers tomorrow (Nov. 10). They have 4-5″ of natural snow to go along with what they’ve made. As I type this at 3 am Thu., the temperature at the Main Lodge is 20F.

This is a screen grab from the webcam at Utqiagvik, Alaska (formerly called Barrow). Their sunrise Tuesday was at 10:51 am and sunset at 3:29 pm. The sun climbs to only 3 degrees above the horizon at solar noon. They’ll lose 13 minutes of daylight in a single day. Here, the sun will stay below the horizon from Nov. 19 until Jan. 23. They get the midnight sun in July and the noontime night in late November and December.

It’s been winter across much of Alaska. Anchorage had a record snowfall of 6.2″ on Sunday and they have 8″ on the ground. The Fairbanks area has 4-8″ of snow on the ground. Galena received 12″ of new snow. The snow depth was up to 13″ at Chicken Coop (yeah, that’s a real town).

Here’s North American snow and ice cover. There’s snow on the ground over much of Canada already. The air that sits over that snow will be cold and when we get north or northwest winds, our air will be coming off that snow cover.

There’s also snow in the Western mountains. Check out the snow in Yellowstone National Park.

ALSO: Big ice storm in Russia. Amazing aurora in Finland.