Cool Pattern Continues


A cool front has ushered in the coolest air mass of the season. For some, this Friday AM is the coolest morning since last May. A few spots in the U.P. dipped into the upper 20s. I took the above pic. Thursday PM at Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park MI. The cloudy, cool and damp pattern will accelerate the fall color change.

  • Here’s radar

Here’s forecast high temperatures for Saturday. Highs will only be in the 40s and 50s over much of the northern U.S., while it stays toasty warm across the South.

Thursday’s high temp. was 59 and that occurred at 8:32 am. The month of October is still running 8.9 deg. warmer than average. We had 0.79″ of rain in G.R. on Thursday (Ford Airport) and that brings out monthly total to 4.27″. That’s 1.55″ above average. We did manage to get 3% sunshine on Thursday. I missed that 3%.

There’s still no sign of any really cold air. The south mid-Lake Michigan buoy reports a water temp. of 61.8 as of Friday AM and I believe that’s the warmest it has ever been this late in the season. The potential is there for some decent lake-effect snow ( lake-effect rain if it’s too warm for snow) if we get an early shot of significantly colder air. However, as I’ve said, the lake may very well cool back to or near average before the air gets cold enough for snow.

Severe Storm Reports for Thu. 10 21 21

This is the Storm Report Map for Thursday (10/21). Look at the concentration of tornadoes and wind damage over E. Ohio and W. Pennsylvania. There were 4 tornadoes, though some of the wind damage reports may turn out to be tornadoes.

There were no severe weather reports in the entire U.S. on Wednesdasy. So far in Michigan this October, we’ve had 2 small tornadoes (in SE MI) and 9 reports of wind damage. So far in 2021, Michigan has had 17 tornadoes (average is 16 for the year), 51 reports of severe criteria hail and 440 reports of wind damage.

Rainbow – Kathy Jensen 10 20 21

Here’s a pretty rainbow on the west side of Gr. Rapids Wed. PM. from Kathy Jensen

Pic. from Sally Ann Whetstone

Here’s a double rainbow from Wed. AM near Greenville from Sally Ann Whetstone

ALSO: Did you see the fireball (shooting star) that lit up the sky for a few seconds early Wed. AM? So far the month of October is running 9.3 degrees warmer than average. We have had only one day cooler than average since Sept. 25. Ships going thru the Soo Locks as they travel between Lake Huron and Lake Superior on the St. Mary’s River.

Rainfall Forecast for the next 15-day period. You can see some heavy rain is likely in N. California, which will reduce drought conditions and fire danger.

Waves crash over the pier at Muskegon on Thursday – pic. from John Steinhauer

Nice pic. of the Lake Michigan waves from John Steinhauer. The lake should calm down a bit today with waves back to 2-3 feet. Some of the buoys have been hauled back to shore for the winter. The south mid-Lake Michigan buoy had a peak wave of 11.5 feet on Thursday and the wind there was gusting to 40 mph.

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