It’s a much calmer day at Lake Michigan. The pic. above is the beach at Holland State Park shortly after noon. At the time this pic. was taken, the wind was northwest at just 9 mph. Yesterday at 5:24 pm, the wind was a steady 24 mph at Holland State Park.

Pic. from the Port Sheldon buoy – early afternoon 7/14

This is a pic. from the Port Sheldon buoy shortly after noon today (Thu.). The average wave height was 9 inches. That compares to a peak average wave height of 5.2 feet late yesterday afternoon

Picture of the North Pier and the North Beach at South Haven

Yesterday, three people drown in Lake Michigan. The brisk north wind created structural currents on the north side of piers and breakwaters. Here at South Haven, the search continues for a fourth victim. Note that the beach has been cleared north of the pier and several are involved with the search.

The vast majority of West Michigan will stay dry this PM. I can’t rule out an isolated shower. In the picture above, you can see the cumulus clouds building up over the land and not to the left over the cooler water. The north wind yesterday caused some upwelling and water temperatures at many beaches have dropped. This morning the water temp. of Lake Michigan was 60 at Ludington, 59 at Grand Haven and 66 at Saugatuck. Green flags were flying for safe swimming this afternoon.

Early Thu. PM satellite pic.

The early afternoon satellite picture shows sunny to partly cloudy conditions across West Michigan.

Radar – early PM Thursday 7/14

Here’s an early PM radar pic. It’s dry in the Great Lakes. You can see strong thunderstorms riding over the top of the Plains heat ridge across N. Dakota and S. Canada.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Thu. PM/night 7/14

Here’s the Seere Weather Outlook Map. The greatest chance for severe storms this PM is across the Dakotas and W Minnesota. Note that a thunderstorm is possible across most all of Arizona and E. Nevada (including Las Vegas, where the low temperature was 91 degrees and they’ve had only 0.52″ of rain since last October 1st!