Breezy, Cold Thu. and Fri., Dry Weekend, Warmer Next Week


Look at the big waves at the S. Haven Channel late Wed. Gale Warnings were out for Lake Michigan for waves up to 10 feet. The waves were crashing over the top of the north breakwall, going thru the channel and going over the south breakwall. There was a small river flowing back to the lake on the south side of the breakwall.

Weather Headlines

Here’s the weather headlines…breezy and chilly Thursday and Friday with scattered snowshowers…accumulations generally a trace to 2″ if you get in a stronger band of lake-effect snow. It will be significantly warmer again early next week.

High Temperatures for the next 5 days.

The high temp. was 31 on Wed. We’ll be stuck in the mid-upper 20s Thu. and Fri. I debated going up to 28 for high temps., but decided the wind will make it feel colder than mid 20s. In fact, wind chills during the morning may be down around 5 to 10 above. After a cold start to Saturday, we get above freezing in the PM, then soar to the mid-upper 40s on Sunday (with the snow melting).

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Weather Prediction Center

The trend is mild for early March. For the 5th-11th it may be a touch cooler than average in the South, where there may be more cloudiness and scattered showers. Here in W. Michigan, we’re looking at quite a few days with highs in the 40s.

Precipitation for March 5 – 11 from the Climate Prediction Center

Precipitation is expected to be near to below average over much of the country. Regarding the above average rainfall in the desert SW – that might be one or a few showers. When you get very little rain…one shower over a 7-day period might put you in above average rainfall for the week.

Also: Cyclone Esther hits Northern Australia. Neat pic. of snow on the ground seen from an airplane over Kansas. Here’s the satellite pic. to go along with the Kansas snow stripe. Venus is very close to the crescent moon tonight in our western sky. Wednesday’s National High/Low temps: 91 at North Palm Beach, FL; -27 at Crested Butte, CO. Desert sunset. Oops.

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