Did you see the blue streak?

Blue Streak at Cedar Point

No, I don’t mean this Blue Streak – the famous roller coaster at Cedar Point. This Blue Streak is a wooden roller coaster at Cedar Point in NW Ohio. It became the 3rd roller coast at Cedar Point when it opened in May 1964. At my age, I’m content with the Mine Ride – the first drop is a whopping 6 feet.

Check out this blue streak (center of image) looking WNW after sunset Friday night – pic. from Robert Atwell

I’m talking about the blue streak in the sky to the west shortly after sunset.

Another pic. of the blue streak at Gun Lake (from Linda Shaffer

Here’s another pic, of the blue streak taken at Gun Lake. The blue streak is a shadow caused by a thunderstorm (cumulonimbus cloud) that was over 300 miles away in SE Minnesota. Here’s a satellite view of the line of storms in MN:

Satellite picture – shortly after sunset Friday night 9/2/22

There was a line of showers and storms from the U.P. down through Wisconsin and into SE Minnesota. The line is pretty solid, except for the one smaller storm in SE Minnesota. The setting sun hit the cumulonimbus cloud and created a shadow that you could see all the way east into West Michigan.

Here’s a pic. of a blue streak in Houston TX.