Winter’s Slow Retreat in the North

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Winter lasts a long time in northern North America.  This map shows where there is still snow on the ground and where there is still ice.  You can see that there is still ice over much of Lakes Nipigon and Winnipeg and solid ice covers Hudson Bay. 

Lake Superior ice is now down to 0.5%, mainly in Black Bay north of Thunder Bay, Ontario and there’s a little left on the east shore of Whitefish Bay.  We had the first 0.1% of ice on Lake Superior on Nov. 16, so that’s now 181 days, nearly half a year, with some ice on the lake. 

This pic. is Wainwright, Alaska Wed. evening.  There’s a low overcast.  The high temp. today at Wainwright was 30.  The last time they were 40 was Oct. 4.  The last time they were 50 was Sept. 5.  They only got above 60 six times last summer with the warmest day, June 28, reaching 71.  You can see they still have plenty of snow left.  Wainwright is above the Arctic Circle.  They get 24 hours of daylight now and the sun won’t set until July 30. 

This is Denali National Park, home of the tallest mountain in the U.S.  A nice pic. with low clouds on the right and a layer of high clouds. 

Finally, we travel to SE Alaska – this is Hyder, where the sun was shining.  Here the snow has melted in the valleys, but snow remains on the mountains.  Here the sunrise tomorrow is 4:26 am.

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