Who’s Got the Rain Magnet in Kalamazoo County?

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Ponding of water on road – picture this past week from the Kalamazoo Co. Road Commission

Kalamazoo had measurable rain on 10 out of 11 days from July 7 – 17.

Rainfall Saturday AM

Look at the heavy rain that fell Friday night into early Saturday. Much of this fell in two hours. The heavy rain was over the city proper and to the northeast up to Hastings. Other rainfall totals: 2.63 at the Kalamaoo Nature Center, 1.51″ at Jackson, 1.35 at the Andreson Arboretum, 1.02 at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. The Kalamazoo Airport reported only 0.41″ of rain and Oshtemo had 0.84″. The Battle Creek Airport had 0.34″.

Heavy rain in Kalamazoo has caused high river levels

The Kalamazoo Airport has had 13.44″ of rain since June 1. Average since June 1 is 5.05″, so the airport is 8.39″ above average and that represents 266% of average rainfall for the last month and a half. The Kalamazoo River at Comstock is running at 226% of average flow. It’s not flooding, it’s just high water for this time of year moving fairly quickly.

The Battle Creek Airport has picked up 10.99″ of rain sine June 1 and that’s 5.76″ above average or 210% of average rainfall.

Heavy rain also fell in SE Michigan: 3.94″ at Grosse Pointe, 3.80″ in Milan, 3.76″ at Dexter 3.64″ in Detroit, 3.40″ at Dearborn, 2.72″ at Ann Arbor and 1.51″ at Jackson.

Don’t try and go around barricades

The Kalamazoo County Road Commission reminds you not to go around barricades. Those barricades are there for a reason. It could be road construction, a washout of a road or the shoulder of a road.

Ionia Free Fair at sunset 7 17 21

This is a screen grab from our Ionia Free Fair camera. Lots of people came to the free fair on Saturday. The Grand River at Ionia is higher than average flow, but no problem. The river has a flow Sat. night at 2010 cubic feet per second compared to an average flow for 7/18 of 762 cfs. The current stage is 10.38 ft. Flood stage is way up at 21 feet, so I guarantee the Free Fair and the parking areas will stay dry this week. Here’s a schedule of events at the Free Fair.

Sunset near Gaylord MI Saturday evening – pic. from the National Weather Service at Gaylord

Grand Rapids has only had one day out of the last 10 days that was warmer than 80 degrees. So far, the month of July is averaging 1.2 deg. cooler than average. Grand Rapids has reached 90 degrees twice this summer, back-to-back on June 11 and June 12. We have not had a day warmer than 90. For the 6 days from July 11 – 16, Grand Rapids had only 22% of possible sunshine. If you expand that period to ten days from July – 7 – 16, it’s still only 31% of possible sunshine. July averages 65% of possible sunshine in G.R. Also, July 2021 is currently running 4.4 degrees cooler than July 2020.

Sunset over Gun Lake Saturday evening 7 17 21

Today (Sun.) we get 14 hours and 56 minutes of possible sunshine. That’s only down 25 minutes since the Summer Solstice occurred on June 20. Daylight will start to shrink at a little faster pace. Sunset is at 9:16 pm today. It’s back to 9 pm on August 5 and 8 pm by September 10.

Storm Reports from Saturday 7 17 21

There was only one small and relatively insignificant tornado in the U.S. on Saturday…in Kansas. The bigger story was the 203 reports of wind damage, with most of the damage from N. North Carolina to Massachusetts. One person was injured by a falling tree branch in Pennsylvania.

Also – Northern Ireland may have recorded the warmest temperature ever with a reading of 88.1 deg. F in County Down. Look at this picture of the flood damage in Germany – death toll up to 155. High fire danger continues in California. Magnitude 4.3 e-quake just off Puerto Rico. Rohwer, Arkansas recorded 6.55″ of rain on Saturday – wettest July day ever there. 4.06″ in 24 hours at Akron NY. Hurricane Felicia continues to spin in the Eastern Pacific – no threat to land.

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