There’s a place in the United States where the high temperature is forecast to be -15F today (May 7). Where do think that is?

Here’s the official forecast from the National Weather Service. High today -15°.

Hint: This is a forecast for an elevation of 14,000 feet. That should give you a pretty big hint. While there are a few peaks in Colorado that reach 14,000 feet above sea level and Mt. Whitney in CA. is 14,505 ft. – highest point in the Lower 48 states…

Denali – pic. from NPS

The answer is mighty Denali – reaching 20,310 feet above sea level in Alaska. It’s really, really cold there, even in summer. Specific forecasts are made from May into July for the mountain for mountain climbers.

Winds can get very strong at times…and…here on the mountaintop, the wind is fairly constant. There’s no terrain, buildings, trees to disrupt the air flow and the sun doesn’t cause thermals, so usually the wind forecast is given as a constant speed (30 mph) without mentioning gusts.

Utqiagvik, Alaska early Saturday AM

The pic. above is Utqiagvik, Alaska – the northernmost point in our 49th state. This town was known as Barrow and the Airport is still the Barrow Airport, last I checked. You can see lots of snow on the ground. The high temperature there on Friday was 22°. There are almost, but not quite at 24-hour sunlight. That runs from mid-May to early August.

Honolulu, Alaska Friday night

The above pic. is from Honolulu, Alaska – someone with a sense of humor named that place. There may not be a town there, maybe just a small airport, but they do have an FAA webcam. Here the snow-covered forests wait for the brief summer, while the snow-covered mountains in their bright, white meet the crisp, blue sky.

As of Friday, Valdez AK was down to 36″ of snow on the ground and Bettles had just 7″ left. The low temp. Friday AM was 12° at Point Hope and at Kotzebue.