A Cool and Breezy Sunday

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The Winter Weather Advisory was canceled around 10 pm. Snowfall totals ranged from a trace near Benton Harbor to 3″ in Clarksville in Ionia Co.

We’ll continue to have a chance of a snow shower or flurry (mostly likely around or shortly before daybreak). It’ll be a breezy and cool day with afternoon temperatures in the mid 30s. Icy spots are possible, mainly during the early-mid morning.

Around 2″ of snow fell during the Michigan St./Penn St. game. Here’s current radar:

  • The axis of heaviest snow was approximately along I-96 from Muskegon to Detroit.
  • Small Craft Advisories will remain in effect into Monday morning for waves up to 6-9 feet and wind gusts to 35 mph. Be careful venturing out on the piers and breakwaters. I know there are still people fishing on the piers in early winter.

Today may be a couple degrees warmer, but the wind will be pick up to 15 mph, so it may actually feel a touch colder.

The snow won’t stick around for too long…it’ll reach 40 on Tuesday and mid-upper 40s for Wednesday and Thursday. The average high temperatures are in the low 40s this coming week, so it’s a little early to have the snow stick around for a great length of time in late Nov.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook for Dec. 4-10

The 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Dec. 4-10 has near normal temperatures for the Great Lakes. That would be average high temperatures in the mid-upper 30s – above freezing.

The colder than average water south of Alaska is helping keep our 49th state quite chilly. As I write this (8 pm Alaska time), the temperature was -38 at Buckland AK. Point Lay was -28 with a wind chill of -43.

Snowfall in W. Michigan Thursday – Friday

The above graphic from the G.R. NWS shows snowfall for Thursday/Friday (25th/26th). Here’s some season snowfall totals as of Sat. AM: Grand Rapids 3.5″, Kalamazoo 7.3″, Muskegon 2.2″, Lansing 0.2″, Augusta 3.9″, Hastings 1.5″, In Upper Michigan: Herman 25.2″, Munising 22.0″, Sault Ste. Marie 17.2″, Marquette 16.2″,

ALSO: More heavy rain and mountain snow in the Pacific NW.

AND: Time lapse of low clouds over New York City Friday evening. So windy that waterfalls go backwards! Polar bears heading out onto the newly formed ice of western Hudson Bay. Snow falling in the Pyrenees Mountains (between France and Spain). High winds in Montana.

Ski Brule has opened for the season near Iron River MI in the U.P. They continue to make snow pretty much 24/7 and have a base of 36″ on the runs that are open.

The water level of Lake Michigan is down 5″ in the last month and down 18″ in the last year. The lake is still 13″ above the November average level, but…it’s now 25″ lower than the highest November level set in 1986.

My two cats (Nimbus and Sir Yum) taking a halftime nap

Happy Sunday

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