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The above pic. is how my Friday started.  I was at a motel in Monroe, Ohio – which is north of Cincinnati.  The sky was clear…except at 2 power plants, where the steam was rising and making a cumulus cloud.  It was chilly (Cincnnati dipped to 21 deg. Fri. AM.).  We had mostly sunny skies until we got close to the Michigan/Indiana border.  The car thermometer peaked at 32, then started dropping as we headed into Michigan.  It was 23 deg. when we pulled into the driveway. 

This is what my backyard looked like – about an inch of snow.

This was the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Friday PM – wiith the clouds over West Michigan and sunshine over much of SE Wisconsin, NE Illinois and N. Indiana. 

You can see the sun was shining on the other side of Lake Michigan.  This pic. is from the Water Intake about 2.75 miles east of downtown.

Here’s high temperatures from Friday.  It was a cool day over much of the country…highs in the mid 40s at Atlanta, Birmingham and Dallas…only in the 50s for the 2nd day in a row in Tucson AZ.  Brownsville Texas reached 84, while temps. were in the mid 30s in the Texas Panhandle. 

We’ll start this Saturday with clouds…as the day goes on, drier air will start to erode the clouds and we should see partly to mostly sunny skies for Sunday and Monday.  I’m back on TV at 6 pm today (Sat.) and Sun.  I’ll be tracking the southern storm, which will bring +1 foot of snow to western NC:

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