Warm Pattern for most of the U.S. and Southern Canada

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This map shows high temperatures for the U.S. and S. Canada for Thursday, May 24.  Note that warm weather (mainly 80s) cover most of the U.S. and S. Canada.  It was 89 way up at Moosinee on James Bay.  The warmest in the U.S. was 104 at Death Valley CA and the coolest was 26 at Estcourt Stn. ME and Leadville CO. 

This is the 8-14 day outlook from the NAEFS model for the first week of June.  Note the warmer than average temperatures cover most all of the U.S. and much of Canada.  The exception is areas north and east of Hudson Bay.

This map shows snow and ice across N. America on Thursday.  The big change is the open water on the west side of Hudson Bay.  It may take a month for all the ice to melt on the bay. 

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