Very Rare Summer Snowfall

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A very rare summer snowfall occurred in Newfoundland, Canada on Tuesday.  On the map, you can see the northern part of Maine (ME) in the lower left and Newfoundland on the right.  Check out this picture from Gander, where many planes land and refuel on their way to and from Europe.  Gander had a high temperature of 37° on Tuesday.  The previous coldest high temperature for the date was 40°, the average high for the date is 66° and the record high temperature for June 26 is 90°. 

Past late season snowfalls in Gander include 1.3″ on 6/20/1996, 0.3″ on June 29, 1952 and 0.1″ on June 30, 1995.  More pictures and video of the snow here.  Note the school bus…school is still in session in Gander this week.  The snow was sticking to the roads.  Look at the snow on the truck hereThis pic. looks like January.  More video and pics

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