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Bill at a park in NE Wisconsin

Gayle and I continue our vacation in NE Wisconsin. It was partly cloudy, a touch breezy (esp. near Lake Michigan) and cool on Tuesday, with temperatures reaching 50° in the afternoon. Visibility was excellent – you could see cloud detail all the way down to the horizon at Lake Michigan.

Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse at the end of the Channel east of Sturgeon Bay

This pic. is across the channel from the Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse at the east end of the Channel – east of the town of Sturgeon Bay. We went for a walk here – careful for the waves that were still breaking over some of the piers. You could look out over Lake Michigan and see the Fl RED light (“R2”), which is about 1 1/3rd mile to the east.

Early Tuesday, there were lake-effect clouds over Lake Michigan

Early in the day, there were lake-effect low clouds over Lake Michigan and it was basically clear over the land. As the day went on, clouds became a bit more scattered over the lake and scattered to occasionally broken (2/3rds coverage) cumulus developed over the land.

TherGeese on the Beach

Waterfowl are plentiful. These are geese – probably a couple hundred of them – on the beach by the Sturgeon Bay Channel (see pic. above). There a probably a couple hundred geese on the beach here at Ephraim where we are staying tonight. We saw ducks, cranes – we watched several loons diving up and down in the choppy waters of Lake Michigan.

Farmer walks across a field with fall colors in the background

This is a farmer walking across a field. A good portion of the corn and beans have been harvested already here in NE Wisconsin. There is still some good fall color, though the 40-mph winds from the Sunday/Monday storm blew a lot of leaves off the trees.

Gigantic Dandelion

I found this gigantic dandelion growing amid the rocks. A nearby dandelion was flowering. In fact there were many flowers in bloom – I’ll guess this area of the peninsula between the relatively warmer waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay has not had a hard frost or freeze yet.

Cave Point County Park

This was Cave Wind County Park – the only county park in the world totally surrounded by a state park. There are cliffs here and small caves. Waves at the north end of the park were around 5 feet and made for some serious splashes as they hit the cliffs and bounced back to hit the next incoming wave. At the water, the wind was a good 15 mph, but inland picnic tables surrounded by cedar trees had calm winds. I saw numerous trees close to the water that had fallen to the southwest – suggesting that rare storms bring strong northeast winds. The air has to squeeze together to get over the cliffs, which would make the wind a little faster at the top of the cliffs.

Pic. in the sunshine in the woods

I took this pic. in the woods. The sun shining through an opening in the tree canopy illuminated the pine tree on the left, so that it almost looked white from a distance and it illuminated half of the tree on the right. I noted that the conifer trees have a lot of cones this year.

Morning at the beach

One more beach picture. At the east end of the Sturgeon Bay Channel, there is long pier extending out into the lake. It goes out stops and there is a gap before it resumes a little to the right of where it ended. I don’t know the reason for the detached pier (which looked to be about 150-200 feet long).

Door County Fish Boil

In the evening, we went to an old-fashioned Door County Fish Boil. I have been to about half a dozen fish boils – the food here was awesome – fresh Lake Michigan whitefish – boiled potatoes and onions, three kinds of bread and Door County cherry pie for dessert. You sit on benches and get to talk with others. On my bench was a family from Minnesota. The dad had a brother who lives in Kalamazoo, so I told him to have the brother watch WOOD TV8 and you just might see me.

Tomorrow we head back to Green Bay, then around the north end of the lake through Escanaba and Manistique to the Mackinac Bridge down eventually back home.

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