The above pic. of one of the tornadoes was captured by a law enforcement officer near Naples, Florida Sunday morning. Here’s what the Storm Prediction Center writes about the twisters:

There were 3 injuries with the Punta Rassa Tornado in Lee County. This is by Fort Myers. Here’s details on that tornado, which has been rated EF2:

30 mobile homes destroyed, 51 with major damage and yet, no fatalities and only 3 injuries. That tells me people heeded the warnings and found more suitable shelter. There is video on YouTube, but I have not confirmed if this is from the Sunday AM tornado. Cool to watch, but too often video from past storms is posted as video from current storms.

Here’s the report on the 2nd confirmed tornado

The second of the 3 confirmed tornadoes was an EF1 with winds of 110 mph, damaging 35 homes, but causing no injuries. The tornado was over land for 1.4 miles, but was a waterspout for a distance before moving on land.

Third confirmed tornado 1 16 22

Here is the summary of the 3rd confirmed tornado. This was a high-end EF0 that was on the ground for approximately 2 miles. These tornadoes last just a few minutes. It’s not easy to get a warning out in time for people to take action. That’s why people have to pay attention and take action when there is a Watch in effect. Know your safe place to be. Many of these mobile home communities have a safe building were residents can go when there is the possibility of a tornado or strong winds.

A semi was tipped over on I-75. One of the Collier Co. tornadoes crossed the expressway.

There were 7 reports of thunderstorm wind damage in the Florida Peninsula Sunday morning, including a 78 mph recorded gust on Virginia Key. Wind gusts of 54 mph were recorded at St. Petersburg and at Siesta Key.

Two men in their 70s were rescued from a 42-foot long sailboat, over 50 miles off the Florida Coast Saturday evening. Video shows a Coast Guard crew hoisting a 72-year-old and a 77-year-old to safety aboard an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. The Coast Guard reported 34 mph winds and 10-foot seas at the time of the rescue. Coast Guard Lt. Jonathan Ray said: “…it’s fortunate we arrived on scene when we did, because the weather was getting worse by the minute.” When seas calm, a salvage company will search for and retrieve the sailboat.

Planes on Runway at Des Moines IA

The storm that missed Michigan produced heavy snow and freezing rain that impeded travel. The airport in Des Moines IA was closed for a while, after they received 11.4″ of new snow. Harrison, Arkansas had 10″ of snow.

Also: The first 16 days of January were 4.2 degrees colder